Established in as Taiwan Pen Tube manufacturer, supplier and factory. Our products supplied and exported worldwide relying on our professional talent and good experience. We force to manufacture products to suit the exact requirement of our client ranging from small business to huge manufacturing units. Custom-designs and OEM/ODM services are cordially welcome.

AP15-PRINTING :  Tube Pen

Dimensions: mm (Millimeter)
D= Diameter; L= Length
D x L: 15mm*110mm
The diameter of the thread in it is about 12mm.
Thickness: 0.25mm
1. Material: Aluminum (1050~1070), 99.5~99.7%
2. Surface treatment: Coating by paint or anodize
3. Printing: There are 4 to 6 colors printing upon your design
4. Competitive prices with high quality of products
5. Country of origin: Taiwan
Aluminum tube for marker pen, permanent, white board pen, paint pen etc.
We have the most amazing design and reasonable price. The quality of products are reliable. Any inquiries are welcome at anytime. 

AP15-PRINTING : Pen Body

D x L: 11mm*100mm
The diameter of the thread in it is about 9mm.
Thickness: 0.25mm
Aluminum Pen Tubes have been rolling off NEW SONG YI Company production lines for decades. We have made a good name for ourselves with these products.
Supply Ability: 2,000,000 Pieces per month
Min. Order Quantity: 50,000 Pieces

AP23-PRINTING : Lip Tube

D x L: 23mm*68mm
The diameter of the thread in it is about 19mm.
Thickness: 0.35mm
Tubes decorate can be accepted on the tubes surface, clear color, any injection color (can do according to PANTON color card), UV metallization, Matte finished, soft rubber coating surface.
Customized Printings can be accepted on the packages surface.
Use: Marker, Painting pen, Teeth whitening, lip gloss, makeup, lubricant, etc.
Packaging Details: Standard export packing, or according to your requirements.

AP28-PRINTING : Empty Pen Tubes

D x L: 28mm*115mm
The diameter of the thread in it is about 23mm.
Thickness: 0.35mm
Felt Pen Bodies, Pump Containers, Tablet Tubes, Pill Containers, Powder Cans and Mastic Cartridges with screw tops or plastic stoppers. Information on the maximum/minimum lengths of the different containers can be obtained from the sales department as it depends on the type and diameter of the container required.

With over years of excellence in manufacturing, customers are assured of receiving the most innovative and highest quality professional Pen Tube. Please do not hesitance to contact us now.